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In PBS , your online gaming experience is in good hands.In previous games PBS choosed only the best provider/servers for its games.




The provider is staffed around the clock with dedicated and friendly technicians ready to assist us with any problem we would have. And when things are running well, they don’t sit around – they monitor our network to make sure it is running at peak performance.




The provider owns and operates over 10,000 servers at six continents around the world: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, London, Warsaw, Moscow, Washington DC, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Johannesburg.


The server operates from the 36,000 ft² data center in the Netherlands. The server is connected to a 435 Gigabit transatlantic network and over 1000Mbit uplinks.


Next to superb hardware a gameserver must be managed with the best know-how and care.. Ever since our first servers in 2006 we have always looked how the server is run with the best succes rate in the public eye. This is why our server is on the top 91-98% of all registered GT servers in the world!

PBS was one of the first clan’s to run the server’s maprotation in mixed mode. Our server runs Conquest, Oblitaration, Rush, CTF, Chainlink , Carrier assault in a good order, giving you the ultimate gaming experience on our server.


The servers now are a work in progress with the admin rights but we are confident we will provide the servers that people want to play on!


You can find this server by looking for POWERBITS GAMETEAM MIXED in the server Browser.

The RS2 server does not only do a mix between Supremacy and Territory maps, but also with good custom maps made by the community! This server is realy hot in the RS2 community!


Our Admins are experienced and  mature  admins with a professional attitude and a commitment to excellence. Not only do they detect any cheaters but they are responsible for balancing and overal creating a smooth gameplay for our visitors and beloved members.

The Way of the warrior is a difficult and distinct path, which for some will be impossible to follow. In this spirit, we have no tolerance whatsoever for any cheating or hacking activities. This conduct is the scourge of online gaming and we must be directly opposed to it. No member may have any association to any of this activity, either presently or in the past. This is unacceptable to us. On our Server we use 5 anti cheat systems to keep the fairplay high..

Therefore we are convinced that you will enjoy our server(s) as we do every day, because the PBS server is created by gamers for gamers! 


See you in our server!

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