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Welcome! This page allows you to access our public TeamSpeak 3 voice server. In order to use our server, you first need to install the TeamSpeak 3 client if you have not done so before. It’s a free program that allows you to use a computer microphone to talk to other people over the internet. Communication with each other as a team is essential in having a great teamplay and be able to bond as a team!  If you can’t talk or have a bad microphone, then just come on TS and mute yourself.


Once you have installed teamspeak  you can connect to our TS server on this adress:
. Make sure that your nickname is set in a  good format for example:

[ PBS] “your gamename” – “your first name”




You can also connect directly to our teamspeak by clicking on the server below. Please put your name in correct format as suggested on the left collumn of this page. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

PLease respect these simple rules on our teamspeak:

  • Respect others and be mature.
  • Avoid using excessive profanity.
  • Don’t impersonate others.
  • Don’t broadcast music, static, or background noise.
  • Don’t record other users without their consent.
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