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Simple RS2 history : US Marines and VC in the Vietnam war

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The first American ground forces deployed against the viet cong and the NVA were the US Marines, who came ashore at Da nang on the coast of South Vietnam on March 8th 1965.
The following six years of warfare would test the marines endurance to the limit.


The Vietcong would raid villages, and eliminate government appointed village leaders. They would ambush the enemy on roads and launch attacks on US military advisors.

A need for more manpower upon America’s deeper involvement in the Vietnam war in 1965, made President Johnson bring in conscription. Now young men who were not considering military service, would consider whether they might get picked to fight in the Vietnam conflict across the globe.

The Vietnam war is often referred to as the “first television war.”
Media coverage showed the American public the reality of a foreign war, detached from the government’s optimistic depiction, uncensored on their televisions at home.

To clear out the dangerous enemy tunnels, brave infantrymen from Australia, New Zealand, South Vietnam and the United States volunteered for this unenviable job. They would gain the nickname ‘tunnel rats’

As the Vietnam war became more controversial and morale dipped, a disturbing new phenomenon emerged in the U.S. military called ‘fragging’.

US infantry Weapons:

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