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Shake and Bake 2XP Weekend! – And Work In Progress Changelog for Hotfix 1.1.2

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Hello everyone!

Starting this afternoon, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will be starting a Shake and Bake Double XP Weekend event. But before you head into the jungle we have a work in progress changelog to share with you for next weeks upcoming hotfix 1.1.2 which you can find below:

New Features
Campaign Balance Changes
The big item for 1.1.2 is new default settings for Campaign Servers and a new system to address Multiplayer Campaign balance.

Team Balance

  • Balance Teams is now on by default by when Campaign is running
  • Maximum difference in player count is forced to 2
  • If the difference becomes larger than 2, the campaign will pause and ask players to help balance out the teams (for an XP bonus). If no players opt for this, the game will force a balance to happen (excluding commanders from the previous round).

XP Bonus for Winning
The Winning team of a battle will no longer receive more XP than the losing team. Both teams will receive a bonus of 150 XP.

In addition to this, the ‘Attacker’ role loadouts for the PAVN now also apply in Campaign matches, in addition to non-campaign play, providing a more offense-focus arsenal for the North when playing on attack.

Increased Campaign Information Awareness
We have added information pertaining to ongoing Multiplayer Campaigns to allow people to more easily gain tactical information about the current state of the war. In addition to the standard, interactive campaign map which appears between rounds, the campaign map can now be accessed from the escape menu, and is displayed to players if they join a server mid-battle.

The scoreboard now also shows which year of the campaign you are on in the bottom left when playing on Campaign Servers.

Campaign Role Changes
Per community feedback, we are making some changes to the role loadouts for the Northern Liberation Front for the early war, including the addition of the SKS and two WW2-era machine guns to the Machine Gunner and Sapper. We have also added 30-round-magazine variants of the M16 and XM177 selectable in the role menu for ARVN soldiers in the late war.

  • Added SKS to NLF Guerilla in Early War
  • Added M1919A6 to NLF Machine Gunner in Early War
  • Added M1918 BAR to NLF Sapper in Early War
  • Added 30rd magazine for M16 to ARVN Rifleman in Late War
  • Added 20rd and 30rd magazine XM177s to ARVN Pointman in Late War

Ability to Restrict Attacking Team Per-Map In Campaign
We have given our Mappers the ability to determine which teams may be allowed to play on Attack or Defense in a round of campaign on their maps, which is set through a simple flag in the map’s config (bNeverReverseTeams).

This is in response to certain maps being placed into campaign rotations which were unwinnable as certain teams, due to that certain team being spawned in its entirety on an island in the middle of the sea.

Additions to the Server Info-Box
We have added the following information to the server info-box on the server browser to allow people to see admins’ server setup:

  • Round Limit
  • Ping Limit
  • Balance Teams
  • Balance Teams on Death
  • Maximum Team Difference
  • Map Voting
  • Kick Voting
  • Role Voting
  • Dead-to-Dead VOIP
  • Positional 3D VOIP
  • Public Text Chat
  • Public VOIP Channel
  • Team VOIP Channel
  • Force Helicopter Advanced Flight Model
  • Friendly Player Names


  • Fixed an issue where the Campaign ‘Attack/Defend’ vote screen would display as 255 votes to the defenders and force a team to defend
  • Fixed an issue where losing a round of Campaign with ‘Search and Destroy’ active caused more Combat Power to be subtracted from the attacking team than expected
  • Fixed an issue where Voting during Campaign Events could be cut short, not giving players enough time to make a selection
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling a Canberra Bombing Run as the Australian Forces Commander would cause the Napalm commander ability to enter cooldown
  • Fixed an issue where servers could display a role as ‘full’ when it appeared there were slots remaining in that role, when teams were reversed during Campaign

General Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where the new Vote Kick Menu could sometimes not update if a second vote was cast


  • Fixed an issue on VNSU-QuangTri where players were unable to plant traps on wet, muddy terrain


  • Fixed an issue where players could not see new brown US helmets when playing online

As always, thank you for your continued support! We are continuing to work hard on Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, and would not be able to provide fixes like these without your feedback.

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