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RS2 Update 1.06 Is Now Available

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New Additions

Skirmish Changes
After listening to community feedback on Skirmish mode and analysing data since the release of Rising Storm 2, we have made a number of major changes to Skirmish, which we are trialing on this update to the Community Testing Branch (CTB)

New Skirmish-Specific Roles
We have changed the loadouts for each role in Skirmish mode, which should address any balance issues between the various factions in the game. As always, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Playercounts and Squads
Skirmish can now be played in two different sizes – 6 v 6 and 12 v 12. The number of squads available when playing Skirmish has been limited to 1 or 2, depending on the player count.

Changes to the Skirmish Timer
Skirmish now uses waves of reinforcements instead of relying on a fixed timer for each team. Players must capture an objective to add a reinforcement wave to their team.

Match-End XP Bonus
Now, when a player completes an entire match they will receive a points bonus, scaled depending on the number of rounds that player participated in.

Commander and Squad Leader Level Requirements

  • New level requirements for playing leadership roles. The following level requirements were voted on late last year by the community.
    • Squad Leader – Level 15
    • Commander – Level 25
  • Players can still lead a squad under the level threshold, however if a more experienced player who does meet the level requirement joins that squad they will be automatically promoted to Squad Leader. Unqualified players who do not meet the level requirement are not able to lock a Squad.

New Ingame Tutorial Videos
New players that connect to a server running a game type they haven’t played yet will be given a related tutorial video to watch. Tutorial videos also display when choosing the Commander or Pilot roles for the first time. These tutorial videos are skippable.


  • Changed the abdomen damage values so that the whole torso can now be a one-hit kill. This should substantially increase the viability of battle rifles and bolt-action rifles
  • Reduced the damage of 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm rounds marginally. Intermediate rounds will now take 2 rounds to the torso to kill an enemy.
  • Damage from bullets no longer stack when hitting multiple hitzones. This makes damage more predictable across the player damage zones and prevents smaller caliber bullets from doing too much damage.
  • Increased the hitzone for the Heart making it include other vitals in the area and making it easier to score a one shot kill when targeting the upper torso.
  • Suppression and Stamina will no longer increase the recoil of the weapon being fired.
  • Heavy breathing triggered by either low Stamina or being heavily suppressed has been reduced by roughly 50%.
  • Increased the thresholds for light, medium and heavy suppression. Players should no longer be suppressed by stray rounds, and will need to be under sustained fire to experience the more severe effects of suppression, such as blurring or heavy breathing.
  • North Vietnamese Commanders can no longer use Ambush Deployment in an out-of-bounds areas, or inside spawn protection – this prevents Commanders from deploying their team at the back of the battlefield
  • Tweaked Machine Gun barrel overheating to be more forgiving under sustained fire. PFX from the barrel overheating is more subtle – making it easier to aim and fire a heavily overheated Machine Gun.


  • Rebalanced Cu Chi, An Lao Valley, Long Tan, and Rung Sac per player feedback and analytics
  • New Skirmish map: VNSK-Temple

VNSK-Temple takes the final Citadel objective of Hue City and converts it to Skirmish for small-scale battles. Although we have made some aesthetic tweaks and changed the time of day to dawn, this map is still in a beta stage, and any and all feedback is more than welcome through the usual channels.

  • New Skirmish map: VNSK-Riverbed

VNSK-Riverside takes the three Easternmost objectives of Song Be and turns them into a new Skirmish area designed for slightly larger player counts than our other Skirmish maps. This map is still in a beta stage, but does include non-finalised time-of-day changes, and is the second night map in the game.

  • New Territories map: VNTE-OperationForrest

We are including a work-in-progress version of VNTE-OperationForrest for 64 players. This includes entirely new objective areas and a new ‘stormy’ aesthetic, with a raised water level compared to the Supremacy version of the map released with the 1.05 Bushranger Content Update. Any and all feedback is valuable here, since the map is still in the early stages of development.


Operation Forrest

  • Drastically improved performance on Operation Forrest. If you experience poor performance while playing this map, please report it through the usual channels


  • To address balance concerns we have re-worked the US spawn area in Firebase, moving it slightly closer to the central playspace and added cover along the Northern edge of the map.

Cu Chi

  • Moved the ruins at the start of the plantation area to make it easier for attackers to cross the road
  • Partially redesigned objective A to make it easier to attack, the pillbox now has better cover for attackers and the East flank on the South side of the capzone has been redesigned to give attackers better firing positions
  • Added more cover on the approach to objectives D, E and F within the plantation
  • Added 50 reinforcements to the attackers, increasing the number available from 680 to 730

Rung Sac

  • Changed the two initial spawn points for the Australian Forces into one centralised one, and added soft and hard cover to the approach to both Objectives A and B on the Australian side. This breaks up line of sight and prevents spawn camping.
  • Removed some cover from the NLF side of Objectives A and B
  • Reduced the number of exploitable hiding spots in the jungle overlooking Objective D to prevent defenders from hiding out in the jungle and killing attackers in the capzone

Long Tan

  • Made improvements to the lighting, skybox and ground materials on Long Tan
  • Added cover to Objective D to make it easier for the Australian Forces to defend
  • Opened up the windows of the destroyed huts at Objective D to allow attackers to better defend the flanks of the Objective, and more easily repel attackers already inside the capzone
  • Added cover to the flanks of the final Objective to make it harder for attackers to flank

An Lao Valley

  • Supremacy mode: increased the NVA reinforcements from 635 to 660
  • Supremacy mode: increased the point value of the Coffee Plantation objective from one point to three
  • Territories mode: Reduced the reinforcements for both teams by 100, meaning the North have gone from 634 to 534 and the South have gone from 660 to 560


  • Added a ‘Command’ voice channel for the Commander, Squad Leaders and Radiomen to communicate in separately to general team VOIP
  • All VOIP communication now plays through the 3D Positional VOIP channel in addition to the channel itself, making players audible to nearby players regardless of their selected channel
  • Added ‘radio squelch’ distortion to non proximity VOIP chat

General Art

  • Added a layer of grime and dirt to third person player models. The intensity of the dirt scales with player level, allowing you to easily identify high level players on the battlefield.
  • Tweaked the firing animation movement on lower caliber handguns to give a more noticeable difference between the recoil of those weapons versus larger caliber handguns
  • Added missing lightmap UVs from various foliage meshes
  • Updated third person mantle animations to make them smoother and less ‘jittery’
  • Added new particle effects for the M18 Claymore mine
  • Improved surface impact particle effects
  • Added new particle effects for the Canberra bomber, along with a secondary effect which is randomised per bomb to make the strike look more unique
  • Added a preview mesh for planting C4


  • Added a server queue system for joining servers! Now, if you try to join a full server you will be placed into a queue, and will join when a slot become available.
  • The server browser now automatically sorts by number of players in descending order, making it easier to find populated servers. The browser can still be sorted by other fields (ping, map name etc)
  • Added a ‘paper doll’ UI element, which displays where players have taken damage. This UI element can be disabled in the settings menu.
  • Text no longer corrupts when speaking in unlocalised languages thanks to the addition of a new font package. If your language does not appear properly, or you would like to suggest a language, please leave feedback in the usual channels!
  • The capture progress of objectives is now displayed in the list view at the top of the tactical overlay – this allows players not inside objective capture zones to see the status of objectives
  • Improved the progress indicator on objective capture bars to be more exact, and to prevent them from feeling delayed
  • Added a widget to inform Radiomen if there is a Commander currently nearby or using their radio
  • Added a ‘ping squad leaders’ button for Commanders to remind squad leaders to place artillery markers without having to request them through chat or VOIP. This function has a cooldown to prevent misuse
  • Added a notification widget to inform Commanders when squad leaders have placed new artillery markers
  • Added tooltips to the role selection menu to inform people of the differences between roles and how they inform gameplay before selecting one
  • Disabled the spawn select menu when playing Skirmish, as there tends to only be one option on these maps
  • Changed the Lobby menu background to be a translucent overlay like the Role and Team Select menus
  • Reordered the tutorial videos so that the most ‘important’ videos are listed first
  • Added a ‘saved’ message to menus to let players know when settings and character customization choices have been saved


  • Server admins now supersede members for reserved slots

Downloadable Content

  • Added the ‘Personalised Touch’ customization pack to allow players to further customize their characters with a set of new customization items
  • Added ‘Nation’ customization packs to allow players early access to items on each of the game’s playable factions



Crash Fixes

  • Fixed additional, less-common crashes which occured on game launch, this build also contains the most common crash on launch fix which was rolled out as a hotfix between 1.05 and 1.06
  • Fixed some crashes which would occur when changing maps
  • Fixed various crashes related to loading content
  • Fixed an issue where the client could crash after downloading custom maps
  • Fixed a crash which occurred which occurred when players were gibbed while holding certain weapons
  • Fixed a crash where turning off Instanced Rendering could cause the game to crash on startup
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when players mantled into collision
  • Fixed an SDK crash where the editor would crash when copying and pasting meshes while the viewmode was set to ‘lit’


  • Fixed an issue where full auto weapons would fail to fire (appear to ‘jam’) in some circumstances when firing the weapon in short bursts
  • Fixed an issue where the PM Makarov would shoot lower than expected
  • Fixed an issue where using a DShK could, after a delay, cause the game to enter a state where the game fails to show muzzle flashes, recoil or hit impact PFX
  • Potentially fixed an issue where squads would not always carry over during the end-of-round team swap
  • Fixed an issue where helicopter occupants would not be notified if a helicopter landed in enemy spawn protection
  • Fixed an issue where if you fired the RPG-7 at a specific moment in the animation the weapon would no longer be able to fire
  • Fixed an issue where Northern Forces squad leaders could place tunnels inside objectives in some situations
  • Corrected a loadout issue present in the previous Skirmish-focused CTB where Northern Forces RPG men would spawn with more than one rocket with the new Skirmish mode loadouts
  • Fixed an issue where you would become stuck in a ‘spectator camera’-like state if you were in character customization when a round started
  • Fixed an issue where mounting an LMG on some cover would sometimes cause the player camera to warp to the Map Origin
  • Fixed an issue where players who left a server would be able to rejoin that server, even if the server is full, but be unable to choose a team
  • Fixed an issue where the final result of Territories matches would be based only on the last faction played, not taking into account the team switch between the first and second round of a match
  • Fixed an issue where if an active Cobra helicopter has nobody sitting in the pilot seat it was possible to shoot and kill an invisible co-pilot apparently occupying that seat
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the ‘default to semi auto fire mode’ option interfered with the Cobra’s ability to fire its rockets
  • Fixed an issue where Southern Forces engineers would have multiple items resupply at the same time with an overly loud sound effect
  • Fixed an issue caused by client desynchronization where helicopters would appear to jitter
  • Fixed an issue where helicopter resupply and repair volumes would not repair broken helicopter skids
  • Fixed an issue where arty markers could be placed on recon planes
  • Fixed an issue where players could be disconnected due to a full server during map changes
  • Fixed various movement issue when lying prone on or crawling across certain objects and types of terrain
  • Fixed an issue where the Northern Forces could not use commander abilities until an artillery marker had been placed
  • When a co-pilot dies from a helicopter impact the game no longer spawns a second pilot model in the main pilot seat of the helicopter
  • Fixed an issue where the flamethrower could fire through thin walls
  • Fixed an issue where helicopters could take heavy damage from environment Punji Sticks
  • Fixed an issue where helicopter miniguns could instantly destroy other vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where toggle Sprint hotkey could toggle zoom after player stops moving
  • Fixed a few cases where third person player models obscured helicopter passenger vision
  • Fixed an exploit where Southern Forces players does not need to be near a tunnel to manually destroy it


  • Corrected various collision issues, snags and stuck spots across all maps – any particularly bad spots will be called out individually in their levels’ fix lists.
  • Fixed missing collision on meshes and broken blocking volumes across all maps
  • Fixed various issues with mantling and climbing across all maps
  • Fixed various ‘floating’ meshes and mesh clipping errors across all maps
  • Fixed various instances of ‘pop in’ and improper draw distances across meshes and decals on all maps

Long Tan

  • Re-aligned some ruined wall meshes to prevent players from seeing the open back face of those meshes

Hue City

  • Fixed an area of broken sidewalk in which players could become stuck
  • Added missing artillery protection to Supremacy mode Hue City

Hill 937

  • Fixed an issue where walking next to tunnel walls would cause the player to ‘bounce’ on Hill 937
  • Added missing artillery protection to the helicopter spawn on Hill 937
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to spawn when clicking on icons on the Overhead Map on Hill 937

Cu Chi

  • Fixed an issue where some walls would not cast shadows
  • Made it far easier to mount the ladder when trying to climb down inside the hut in Objective F on Cu Chi
  • Fixed various visual glitches with cover on Cu Chi

Song Be

  • Fixed an issue on Territories mode Song Be where players on the South team could spawn under the ground on the final objective
  • Fixed an issue where one of the ammo resupply volumes was not properly aligned with its icon on Supremacy mode Song Be
  • Fixed an issue where helicopter pilots could fire pistols at the helicopter base in Supremacy mode Song Be

Rung Sac

  • Fixed an issue where Napalm and the Canberra Bomber would not work on Rung Sac when called on Objective D
  • Fixed an issue where the fog in the swampy area around Objective C would cull out if viewed from certain angles
  • Fixed an area where players could become stuck between rocks under a footbridge on Rung Sac
  • Added collision to a pile of ammo boxes on Rung Sac
  • Fixed an issue where some meshes on the level would display the default tiled texture
  • Fixed an issue where the sewer ceiling under the final objective on Rung Sac lacked collision, allowing players to see through the map
  • Fixed an issue where players killed underground would be launched into the sky on Rung Sac
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to spawn on top of the meshes of the tunnels underneath Rung Sac
  • Added collision to the rocks around a tunnel entrance on Rung Sac, preventing players from falling out of the map
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in sloped areas of tunnels

Operation Forrest

  • Fixed various invisible collision issues and floating meshes across the map
  • Fixed an issue where the DSHK nest near NLF spawn culled out too early, leaving a visual hole through the map
  • Added more spawn locations for pilots
  • Fixed an issue on Supremacy mode Operation Forrest where players could fall into an open hole in the terrain
  • Removed floating pans from the sky above the mansion objective on Operation Forrest
  • Planted a floating oil drum near the Bushranger helicopter spawn on the ground on Operation Forrest
  • Fixed an issue which players may have noticed in the last CTB where Territories Operation Forrest failed to grant Australian Forces players spawn protection after Objective C
  • Fixed an issue on Territories Operation Forrest where players who die in tunnels are launched into the air
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to mantle onto punji sticks on Operation Forrest
  • Fixed a table in one of the houses on Operation Forrest which has broken collision, causing players to ‘bounce’ if they touched it
  • Fixed an issue where the spectator camera location would put the camera underground
  • Fixed a seam on one of the trenches which allowed players to see through the map
  • Added missing weapon restriction volumes to the tunnels under Operation Forrest, correcting an error where Southern players could use their primary weapons inside tunnels
  • Fixed an area in the graveyard on Operation Forrest where players could become stuck between the rock face and a tree
  • Added an out-of-bounds volume to an area which previously caused landed helicopters and players to float outside the main play-area of the map
  • Fixed collision issues which allowed players and cameras to pass through various rocks on Operation Forrest


  • Added spawn protection to the Northern Forces spawn area on Territories mode Firebase
  • Fixed an exploitable area on Firebase where players were able to climb over some barbed wire and onto the roof of one of the buildings
  • Fixed an issue which caused movement in one of the trenches to be blocked by invisible collision
  • Fixed an issue caused when running over certain items of ground scatter at specific speeds

An Lao Valley

  • Fixed an issue where not all boundary volumes were active on Territories mode An Lao Valley


  • Fixed an issue which caused various trees and walls to display at a low level of detail while using Instanced Rendering
  • Fixed an issue where third person Bayonets would not appear to be attached/unfolded if the player using them was not relevant when they affixed their bayonet
  • Fixed an issue where commanders in the back seat of the Loach helicopter could see inside their own body
  • Fixed an issue where the MAT-49’s stock would sometimes clip through the camera when folded
  • Fixed an issue where the player camera would ‘pop’ at the end of the L2A1’s reload animation when deployed on its bipod
  • Fixed an issue where LMGs would pivot around the wrong location when mounted
  • Fixed an animation issue which displayed while reloading mounted LMGs
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘hiding’ ferns HUD effect flickered before fading on first usage
  • Fixed an issue where Northern Squad leaders could display visual errors in their animations if they dug a squad tunnel while prone
  • Fixed an issue where the Pick Mattock would sometimes stick out sideways on the Squad Leader’s back
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly looking up with the RPG-7 could cause clipping issues in first person
  • Fixed an issue where explosions in water would fail to trigger splashes
  • Fixed an issue where bullet holes would render behind certain decals
  • Fixed a missing material when using the new ‘Australian’ heads with the US’ Torn Tunic customization option
  • Fixed a clipping issue when viewing the third person reload animation for the Mosin Nagant sniper rifle
  • Fixed various animation and movement speed issues caused by sprinting sideways


  • Fixed an issue which caused 3D positional VOIP chat to not work
  • Fixed an issue which caused 3D positional VOIP chat to break all VOIP communications under some circumstances upon player death
  • Fixed an issue in Skirmish where the ‘Capture an Objective’ announcer line would play when all objectives are captured
  • Fixed an issue where explosives could not be heard in certain situations. This applies to grenades, RPGs, cobra rockets and other explosives
  • Fixed an issue in Skirmish where the ‘Last Man Standing’ announcer line would play rather than the ‘Entering Sudden Death’ announcer line


  • Fixed an issue where teammates would not consistently appear on the Overhead Map
  • Added a missing cooldown notification and timer for the Force Respawn commander ability when trying to trigger the ability while it is still on cooldown
  • Fixed an issue where the icon displaying the number of friendly players inside an objective with you would also include enemy players
  • Fixed an issue where the server browser failed to identify the game mode running if a server is playing a custom map
  • Fixed an issue where the 3D Positional VOIP indicator would appear on the left of the screen regardless of the distance from the speaking player
  • Fixed an issue where 3D Positional VOIP name tags would fail to appear in some situations
  • Fixed an issue where the VOIP icon would float very high over speaking players
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to spawn into the game and have no objective markers on the overhead map, and no letters in the objective markers on the HUD
  • Fixed an issue where commanders would be unable to place new move/rally markers after clicking on an objective on the Overhead Map
  • Fixed an issue where Squad and Team leaders would not be able to place defend icons on objectives on the Overhead Map
  • Fixed an issue where the spectator HUD would display incorrect messages to change Camera functions
  • Fixed an error in the settings where the Mantle prompt would be turned off by default, it now defaults to ‘on’
  • The XM177 no longer shares the same kill icon as the M16
  • Fixed an issue where the overhead map would fail to display objective icons on maps with more than 14 objectives
  • Fixed an issue where having a Slash (/) in your Steam Name would cause your in-game name to be replaced with RSPlayer
  • Fixed an issue where the Bushranger Helicopter appeared as a tunnel on the HUD and Overhead Map when spotted
  • Fixed an issue where the character, profile and stats, and store pages could become inaccessible from the main menu
  • Localized the ‘Cancelled Tunnel Destruction’ message to non-English languages
  • Removed the line ‘North Territories: 0’ from the Server Information window
  • Corrected the prompt displayed to the players when selecting ‘Clear Coordinates’ from the Squad Leader order widget
  • Fixed an issue where no message would display for Northern Commanders attempting to use Ambush Respawn while the ability is on cooldown
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD Tip widget would display as empty when scrolling the mouse wheel to change weapons
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes helicopter pilots’ names would not display on the deployment menu
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘need ammo’ icon would appear desynchronised from players when viewed from inside a helicopter
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘need ammo’ icon would fail to clear after giving ammunition to a player requesting ammo
  • Fixed a bug where the killfeed would stop working in Skirmish when the game entered ‘Sudden Death’
  • Fixed an issue where ‘clear coordinates’ on the Command Widget would not work
  • Fixed an issue where player names with Cyrillic characters would appear as # in the killfeed and on the scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue where no messaging would be displayed during the pause after the end-of-round team swap
  • Fixed an issue where the Supremacy HUD wouldn’t update correctly after switching teams
  • Fixed an issue where ‘needs ammo’ notifications would appear on the HUD twice
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘next deployment’ text would become stuck on the Spectator HUD
  • Fixed an issue on the Tactical Overlay where ‘move here’ orders would not update after Commanders or Squad Leaders changed their orders
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip pertaining to firing the cannons on the Cobra helicopter would not appear as intended
  • Fixed an issue where activating the Ho Chi Minh trail commander ability with nobody waiting in the spawn queue placed the ‘fast forward’ icon inside the spawn queue text
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Spectating’ text on the spectator HUD would stretch in different aspect ratios
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips would not appear properly in 21:9 resolutions
  • Fixed an issue where user names in the spawn queue would appear stretched
  • Fixed an issue where a suicide notification would appear in the killfeed with no attributed player name when a player disconnects from a server
  • Fixed an issue where the chat box on the ‘Map Voting’ screen would overlap outside of the chat box rather than wrapping as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Capture Progress’ widget would stretch if a player mounted a DShK while capturing an objective
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘barrel warped’ message called by MG barrel overheating would appear obscured by Objective Icons while inside objectives
  • Removed the resupply icon visible to infantry when inside a helicopter resupply ammo volume


  • Fixed an issue where Easy Anti-Cheat would require users to install the software every time they launched the game


  • Fixed an issue where setting ‘Announce Admin Logins’ to ‘keep silent’ would still cause the server to announce when an admin logged in
  • Fixed an issue where players added during sessions would be missing their player name
  • Fixed an issue where the Actions panel would display available actions which can be applied to players twice for the first player listed
  • Fixed an issue where setting spotted player HUD icons to appear only on the compass did not restrict these icons to the compass. If this is selected these should no longer appear on the Tactical Overlay in 3D space
  • Fixed an issue where the server setting ‘Leg Damage Slows Player’ could not be disabled through the WebAdmin
  • Fixed an issue where the tracking page would not display players’ ‘Set Alias’ string

Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed a logspam error caused by equipping pistols while using classes whose gear meshes lacked a hip holster
  • Fixed an issue where kills with Napalm failed to register towards Achievement progress
  • Fixed an issue where the Achievement ‘Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves’ would unlock under the wrong conditions
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Random’ option for hair colour in the Character Customization menu failed to do anything
  • Fixed an issue where Helicopter and DShK kills did not count towards the ‘players killed’ stat.
  • Fixed a logspam issue relating to shell ejects with certain weapons
  • Fixed a logspam issue on the Server Browser
  • Fixed an issue where logs relating to the download of Steam Workshop items would appear as messages alongside text chat on the HUD

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