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Fight inside a barred temple labyrinth sealed off since ancient times that has now become a safe haven for PAVN supplies along the Ho Chi Minh trail on the border mountains of Laos.
Harrowingly, the temple holds a deep, terrible, dark secret.
The Southern forces are dispatched to re-take the temple complex and cut off this underground haven for North Vietnam’s vital supply line.

Gameplay Features:

– Indoor only (No artillery for either side, teams must rely on ‘hero classes’ to either keep chokepoints held or break through them without help of air support.
– Aerial Recon and Scout still available (Communist X-RAY sensors by recon planes and spies in the ARVN squads)
– Fight for your Life – PAVN lack the diversity of tunnel emplacements except for a few cave-ins and erected ground and must rely on Ambush and keeping defenses secure.
– Specialist classes matter – Engineers and the like become much more valuable when there is a lack of artillery but a lot of opportunity for explosive ordnance
– Fight like a Squad – use the distinctive squad leader spawn to gain a better pushing advantage compared to PAVN who are limited by what they can hold.
– Hidey-Holes – some already on the map, there are certain out-of-reach, out of the way tunnel and alcove spots to hide PAVN players to bring out surprise attacks and ambushes, with more to come after these initial gameplay tests.
– Weapons Free Tunnels
– Powerful Ambush deploys – Use the many hiding places that will exist in the map as a commander then pop out and ambush from the ceiling to stop a push!



USMC begin a search and rescue mission throughout the northern highlands of Vietnam. Roughly based on the movie

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