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PS History: German WW2 tactics

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German Squad Tactics in World War 2. The German infantry squad was the mainstay of the German Wehrmacht in the Second World War. This video explores the basic organization of a German infantry squad, the concept of fire and movement, the deployment of the MG34 and its relation to the other squad members, as well as regular military tactics. Finally, there is an example of an attack on an enemy position.

Infantry against a tank

This video takes a look at German Infantry Anti-Tank Tactics in 1941/1942 on the Eastern Front. The video is almost exclusively based on primary sources. It covers the use of various close-range weapons like geballte Ladungen, Mines, Molotov-Cocktails and other measures against tanks like the T-34, KV-1 and KV-2. Additionally, a lot of original German names are used and translated.

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