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Update 1. 2 is active on the PBS servers

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Play the newpatch on the PBS servers!

The Powerbits Gameteam is a highly experienced clan that has set its footprints in games since as early as 2006.

Our members come from all corners in the world with the majority in Europe.As a mature institution in online gaming, our team has a refined ethos which guides us forward and keeps us grounded to our core values. This conditioning has set us apart as a clan and has allowed us to persevere through the years.

The PBS Gameteam is a team that holds teamplay, fun, friendship and integrety high in its banner! Multiplayer games are made for teamplay and we can offer you a great teamplay experience with a reserved slot in a great server.

PBS is organized and stable, with opportunities for any kind of player. We accept people from all walks of life and It does not matter if you are a novice or a pro gamer, you will enjoy yourself!

We are respectful, determined, and proud to be [PBS] members.

Join us on:

Server operators:
@PowerBits Server Ops




Hello everyone!

First of all, a big thank you to all who helped in our CTB testing so far! If you’ve had a chance to test the CTB in any way, please take the time to fill out the performance survey if you haven’t already:…5tp7Q/viewform . This will help our development teams know how our efforts to tackle performance issues are progressing.

For those fans who haven’t yet had a chance to join in on the current testing, your wait for Update 1.2 is almost over! We currently expect to ship Update 1.2 Rearmed and Remastered early to mid next week. This update will include:

  • New weapons and tools for the NVA (such as the MP40 and Fougasse mine)
  • New features such as player deployable DShK HMG’s
  • Newly remastered Rising Storm maps
  • DongHa (GuadalCanal)
  • Mekong (Hanto)
  • New System: Audio Occlusion
  • Improved performance


Following the update, we’ll be hosting an Ask Us (Almost) Anything on Reddit (r/rs2vietnam) to discuss the current state of the game and the future! So, get your questions ready for November 14th (we are planning for the Reddit post to go up on the 13th to allow fans who may not be there during the AMAA itself to have a chance to be heard).

Thank you again, for those who managed to join us in Community Test Branch Testing. We are continuing to work hard on Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, and would not be able to provide fixes like these without your feedback.

Antimatter Games & Tripwire Interactive

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