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PBS adds Battlefield 5 to our gamelist

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Hi Team,

After carefull consideration and talking to some of you and old PBS members, we have decided to add BF5 to the PBS gameslist!

PBS is now a multigaming clan with some great servers, so why not add another game.  Our servers are certainly something to be proud of :


  • Altough we are NOT Happy that BF5 has no servers,  that its kinda strange with females, claws and braveheart painted faces, we see it as low maintenance sidegame and we provide a home for the BF5 fans!
  • Rising Storm 2 , and hopefully Insurgency and hopefully one day Squad  will remain our main games as we have a strong foothold in these communities…
  • BF5 can be our sidegame like KF2 , WW3 ,SCUM  , PS etc… Or it can grow, we will see.

There is no obligation to buy this game but if you do know a PBS team is present in BF5.  And should you want to buy , pls buy it via PBS .  In doing so you are supporting our servers and our team:



  • PBS people who are playing BF5 are asked to add tags  (Goto profile , change name in PBS-GAMENAME) and join our discord channels!
  • Also join our discord voice channels for making a party and teamplay!
  • A forum has been created to discuss news, tips and content..
  • Please also tell us you have BF5 , so we can tag you on discord.
  • Members pls add me on discord:  PBS-Powerbits

I know i made some people happy with this decision and hop it contributes to our fantastic PBS team!

See you on the field Gents (& ladies)

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