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Patch Notes: Update 1.05 – The Bushranger Content Update

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New Features

1.05 – the Bushranger Content Update – brings with it three new maps, a new faction to play as, new vehicles including the Bushranger Attack Helicopter, six new weapons, a brand new commander ability: The Canberra Bomber and 3D Positional Voice Chat.

  • New Faction – Australian Army
  • New Weapon – L1A1 Rifle
  • New Weapon – L2A1 LMG
  • New Weapon – F1 SMG
  • New Weapon – Owens SMG
  • New Weapon – Browning Hi-Power
  • New Weapon – XM177E1 (for the US Army)
  • New Vehicle – Bushranger (Huey Gunship)
  • New Commander Ability – Canberra Bomber

3D Positional Voice Chat
Included in the Bushranger Content Update is a new ‘Local voice’ chat channel. You can access this channel by cycling through your existing voice channels until it reads ‘3D Proximity’, or by using the dedicated 3D VOIP Key (Default Binding: Mouse 4). By default, both friendly players and enemies can hear people talking in this channel, server hosts can customize this feature, restricting it to teammates or disabling it altogether.

We’d like to thank everyone who provided feedback on this feature during community testing via the CTB and other tests!

Cosmetic DLC Store Page
Additionally, in this update is a Store Menu that presents cosmetic-only DLC items for purchase. Some items can be unlocked normally by leveling up. No loot boxes!

Show your team that you’re above the rank and file with this set of Customization options that put you a cut above regular infantry.

Features items for both the Northern and Southern forces.

  • Officer Uniform– PAVN
  • Cavalry Ascot – US Army
  • Officer’s Cap – PAVN
  • Beret – US Army
  • Campaign Hat – USMC
  • Cigar – PAVN, NLF, US Army

The Community Testing Branch
Thank you to everyone who took part in the Community Testing Branch playtesting for the Bushranger Content Update – your feedback has informed the development of patch 1.05, and we hope that you like what you see.

Changes have been made to the content included Bushranger Content Update since previous versions distributed in the CTB. For previous updates to Bushranger Content Update see the previous changelogs on the Steam Forums ‘News and Announcement’ sections at:

As the post-launch development of Rising Storm 2 continues, we will be continuing to update the Community Testing Branch to trial new features and content with the community, so watch this space for future updates!


  • Double XP to celebrate the launch of the Bushranger Content Pack! This will last until December 4th, 2017
  • Bushranger Helicopter added for the Australian Army – this modified UH-1 Huey has become a gunship, with two seats for combat pilots, dual miniguns and two Dual M60-Ds for door gunners. Should your pilot die, scroll the mouse wheel as a co-pilot to put away your gun sight and take control of the helicopter.
  • Canberra Bombing Run added for the Australian Army – this is a directional bombing run, with the direction set by the commander. To set the strike vector, click and drag to rotate an artillery marker on the ingame map
  • New weapons for the Australian Army faction (listed above)
  • Increased the range of Squad Bonuses – squad members now benefit from proximity to their squadmates at a greater distance
  • Improved the player’s ability to drop weapons, removing the ‘No room to drop weapon’ issue some players were reporting
  • Reworked Sway and FOV values across all weapons
  • Increased the FOV zoom on all rifles in the game
  • Increased weapon sway and breathing based on exhaustion
  • Kills from grenades dropped when players are killed are now credited to the killer of the player, rather than the person who dropped the grenade, preventing unintended team-kills
  • Added a dedicated keybind option for the 3D VOIP voice channel
  • Normalised hipped/shouldered recoil modifiers to be consistent across all weapons
  • Tweaked the FOV and free-aim values across weapons to more closely match the gunplay in Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm
  • Tweaked the M9 Flamethrower to match its real-world weight equivalent when draining fuel, and lowered the collision length on the Wand
  • Increased the speed at which players gain and recharge melee power when charging
  • Tweaked the sway and recoil values for the M14, L1A1 and L2A1
  • Reduced the amount of time it takes to recover from weapon sway when initially going into ironsights
  • Decreased the zoom-in time for the stick magazine version of the PPSH
  • Removed the Browning Hi-Power from the Australian grenadier role
  • Scaled up the effect and damage radius of the M34 White Phosphorus grenade
  • Added the ability to interrupt MG deployment by firing the weapon and moving the weapon while deployed on cover
  • Made changes to the spectator camera:
    • When a player you are spectating dies, the camera now automatically switches to a new player after around two seconds
    • The camera now transitions the player into spectator mode quicker upon death
    • When switching to the next squad/teammate, provided the players you are spectating have line of sight between each other, the camera will now lerp between targets and smoothly move between spectated players. This should help with situational awareness when spectating.


  • A range of new character customization options for the Australian Army, including new heads which can be applied to your US Army and USMC custom character
  • Added new environment assets for the new Australian Army maps, including new vehicles, buildings and props
  • Finalised weapon art for the six new weapons included with the Bushranger Content Update
  • Finalised art and animation for the Bushranger helicopter
  • Changed the Northern Forces first person sprint animation to show the player sprinting with both hands on the weapon – this does not affect the third person sprint animation for the NLF and NVA, and as such should not affect target recognition
  • New rain and wetness effects, including material changes for wet weapons, environment assets, and characters
  • Tweaked vehicle light environment across all maps, improving the lighting on helicopters across the game
  • Increased the number of lighting samples taken when light building maps, which has improved character lighting across the entire game
  • Optimized various assets to improve performance
  • Disabled ‘screen door’ fading between LODs per community feedback to prevent pop-in on certain assets
  • Added camera animation when climbing ladders
  • Improved third-person pistol animations for weapon handling and reloading
  • Retextured Bird Dog recon plane for the Australian Army
  • Tweaked the first and third person weapon fire effects to have darker smoke
  • Improved the crawling animation when crawling with a bipod-deployed light machine gun, preventing glitches with the system
  • Various animation improvements for Deployed MGs, making these animations quicker and more fluid
  • Added an Australian Air Force skin to the transport Hueys and OH-6 Loach available on Operation Forrest
  • Reviewed and made changes to default graphics settings:
    • Increased shadow resolution per quality setting
    • Static Decals are now disabled on Lowest Quality Setting
    • Decal cull distance now scaled based on quality settings
    • Re-tweaked foliage rendering distances for low, medium and high settings
    • Increased foliage rendering distance for Ultra settings by 10%
    • Disabled EmitterPool logging


  • Added weapon, voice, announcer and vehicle audio for the Australian army faction
  • Added various environmental sounds to Long Tan, including idling engines around APCs with their lights on, rain on tin roofs around Objective C, and rain impacting water in the marshland area
  • Added environmental sounds to all maps in the Bushranger Content update
  • Tweaked ‘battle chatter’ so that players now need to be near other players for their characters to speak, rather than speaking to themselves
  • Added ‘stinger’ music clips which play when objectives are captured and lost


  • New icons for the Bushranger Content Pack specific items on the ingame map, objective icons, weapon display for inventory and killfeed, team select, role select menu, vehicle paperdolls, overhead maps, ammo icons and character customisation icons
  • New ‘click and drag’ functionality for the Canberra Bomber with which commanders can define the direction of the bombing run on the overhead map
  • Improved the text chat window in the game, adding a translucent background to the chat and increasing the lifetime of the text from six seconds to twelve seconds
  • Added support to the tactical overlay for maps with more than ten objectives
  • Added the Australian weapons and XM177-E to the stats screen
  • Changed the Undeploy from Helicopter text on the keybind menu
  • Added links to a feedback survey to the main menu of the game

Territory: Long Tan

A territory map in which the NLF attack a defensive position set up in a rubber plantation, at night and in the rain

Territory: Rung Sac

A Territory map in marshland culminating in a battle for an entrenched position in a ruined Indochina-era fortress

Supremacy: Operation Forrest

A large-scale supremacy battle taking place in swamps and farmland, featuring the longest engagement distances in the game

Supremacy: Hue Rebalance
The layout of Supremacy Hue has been completely overhauled, along with new objective values, and spawn locations for the US. Additionally, several objectives have been moved and redesigned.

Helicopter and Weapon Ranges

  • Added Australian Army weapons and helicopters to the training maps.




  • Fixed various community-reported crashes when launching the game – please continue to provide bugsplat reports so that we can track issues down if your client still crashes on startup
  • Fixed several crashes relating to joining matches running custom content
  • Fixed a crash which occurred on joining certain servers


  • Dismembered limbs now correctly receive physics when blown off combatants, preventing the bug which made all hands/feet to stand upright following an explosive death
  • Corrected the sights on the RPG-7 and M79 following feedback from some community members
  • Fixed various ‘delayed mantling’ bugs, where players would initiate mantling over or climbing onto assets – which would work, but only after a short delay
  • Fixed an issue where killing the co-pilot of a helicopter could sometimes trigger the death of the main pilot
  • Co-pilots now always receive appropriate damage from the helicopter impacting objects
  • Fixed an issue where dropped grenades would sometimes not kill teammates
  • Fixed an issue where toggling sprint would sometimes result in unwanted camera zoom
  • Fixed an issue where reloading or performing an ammo check on a deployed Machine Gun would not return to iron-sight after completing the animation
  • Re-zero’d the L2A1’s sights so the weapon is more usable at long range
  • Fixed an issue where the rear sight of the XM177-E was not adjustable while the stock was collapsed
  • Fixed several locations where crawling through tight spaces would cause players to ‘pop up’ through the ceiling under which they were crawling
  • Fixed an issue where opening the Role Select menu would erase traps the player had planted from the map
  • Fixed an issue which prevented co-pilots from taking control of the AH-1 Cobra following the suicide or disconnection of the main pilot
  • Fixed an issue where the collective of the AH-1 Cobra would be at zero when the copilot took over following the death of the main pilot
  • Fixed an issue where the red glow Pointmen see on Vietnamese traps would not display when the player changes weapons
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling the mousewheel would cause the player to cycle through weapons
  • Fixed an issue where flying pilots were not counted by the game as ‘living’, causing matches to end if the pilot was the last US player left alive. This prevents the community reported ‘-1 ticket’ issue
  • Fixed an issue where planting tripwire traps at hip height would display a valid preview mesh, but fail to plant
  • Fixed an issue where forgiving TKs would sometimes not remove the spawn time penalty from the forgiven player
  • Fixed an issue where co-pilots could activate auto-hover while not in control of their helicopter
  • Fixed various issues with the weapon loadout for the Australian grenadier role
  • Fixed an issue where the Northern commander would receive no points for shooting down the Canberra Bomber using the Anti Air Commander Ability


  • Fixed various issues with some assets rendering at too low a level of detail when using Instanced Rendering on Medium settings and lower
  • Fixed an issue where going into ironsights caused weird animation snapping in first person
  • Fixed an issue where Instanced Rendering would sometimes cull out tall objects unintentionally at close proximity
  • Fixed an issue where some effects would be rendered as large, black shapes in the sky when using some graphics cards
  • Fixed various collision and art issues with certain assets throughout the game – please continue to report instances of broken art so that we can fix them in future patches
  • Fixed a pop-in issue with some specific assets where screendoor fading displayed incorrectly on those assets
  • Fixed an issue where the first shot of any weapon would not eject a shell casing
  • Fixed an issue where the new wetness effects would not be applied to some weapons
  • The Browning Hi-Power now ejects shells properly in first person when it is fired
  • Fixed an issue where the hammer on the Browning Hi-Power would not animate when fired
  • Corrected an animation error on the F1 SMG to make the charging handle on the weapon non-reciprocating
  • Fixed an issue where the interior of the roof on all M35 Trucks would appear transparent from the inside
  • Added previously missing gunsights to the third person Loach mesh
  • Fixed an issue where the Claymore’s directional indicator would not display properly
  • Fixed an issue with the residential gate asset where the gate was different colours at different LODs
  • Fixed an issue where third person animations would not play for pistol reloads while crouching
  • Fixed an issue where the hand of the player would appear then vanish when changing fire mode on the L2A1 while deployed on its bipod
  • Added missing transparency to the chains on the hanging lamps which appear on various maps
  • Various animation improvements and fixes for the L1A1 and L2A1


  • Per community feedback, reworked the firing sound effects for the L1A1 and L2A1
  • Fixed an issue with 3D VOIP Chat where players could continue broadcasting after death
  • Commanders operating from the rear seat of the Loach now correctly receive confirmation when calling in Commander Abilities
  • Fixed an issue where Australian pilots would sometimes say Infantry voice lines
  • Fixed an issue where commanders would fail to verbally request recon
  • Fixed an issue where changing the ingame volume would not affect the volume of the rain sound effects on Long Tan
  • Fixed an issue which caused the sound of an M60 to play incorrectly co-pilot fired the Miniguns on the Bushranger helicopter
  • Added various missing radio and VO lines for Australian commanders
  • Fixed an issue where requesting anti air would not announce the activation of the Commander Ability to Northern team players
  • Fixed an issue where radio lines for Commander Abilities would not play if players have line of sight to their team’s commander
  • Fixed an issue where the there would be no sound when equipping/unequipping weapons


  • Fixed an issue where the mantle key would display as [KEY NOT BOUND] if set to the space bar
  • Fixed other instanced of [KEY NOT BOUND] displaying when keys were in fact bound
  • Fixed an issue where regardless of the option selected, the game would always start with Instanced Rendering enabled
  • Fixed an issue where hovering over artillery markers would cause the Canberra’s ‘click and drag’ rotation arrows to inappropriately appear on the active artillery marker
  • The ‘disarm trap’ prompt now clears properly when the player moves away from traps
  • Fixed an issue where tunnel icons would remain indefinitely on the overhead map when a Northern Commander switched to the opposing team
  • Fixed an issue where the Canberra’s ‘click and drag’ rotation arrows could become desynced from their artillery marker on the overhead map
  • Removed the black squares from around the new Australian weapons’ ammo icons
  • Added a keybind option for the reticle illumination toggle for the SVD
  • Fixed an issue where US traps would not clear from the HUD on player death
  • Fixed an issue where the Spawn Tunnel icon would remain frozen on the player’s HUD after switching to the US team
  • Fixed an issue where the F4’s icon would sometimes not appear on the overhead map during its flyover
  • Fixed an issue where Commander Ability markers would not appear unless the player toggled their tactical overlay
  • Fixed issues on several maps where clicking on the spawn point icons on the deployment menu would not cause the player to deploy at the selected spawn
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Open IP’ function on the Server Browser would black out the screen with no prompts
  • The ‘Waiting to Deploy’ list no longer overlaps the ‘Squad Leader’ list on the tactival overlay
  • Fixed an issue where the XM177-E’s name would not appear when attempting to pick up the weapon
  • Fixed incorrect server filter icons on the Russian localization of the game
  • Fixed a weapon stat issue where explosive weapons were listed as having ‘zero’ power


  • Fixed various floating assets, missing textures, open faces on meshes and terrain, collision issues and performed optimisations across all maps
  • Fixed an issue where character customization would appear broken in online gameplay when trying to customize Australian characters on launch maps
  • Completed optimization, collision and net relevancy passes across all maps
  • Fixed various issues with assets culling out too early/at too close a distance and affecting gameplay
  • Addressed numerous feedback items from the community for the maps included with the Bushranger Content Update

Hue City

  • Fixed various snags and hitching issues on assets throughout the level
  • Fixed several visual issues and floating assets

Long Tan

  • Improved foliage across the map
  • Fixed various issues with the rain effects displaying incorrectly under certain circumstances
  • Fixed the character customisation area – before it was too zoomed-in and did not display the entire character model
  • Fixed holes in the sandbag walls in the Old Trenches bunker at objective C

Rung Sac

  • Fixed a lighting issue where all the ferns on the map would appear to be lit inappropriately
  • Removed various floating light sources from the map
  • Fixed an issue where the Canberra Bombing Run ability would fail if the strike is called from the South West of the map

Operation Forrest

  • Added a custom water mesh to the map to remove seams and increase performance across the map
  • Fixed various issues with collision on distant terrain which allowed helicopters to fly ‘underground’
  • Fixed an issue where placing an using your binoculars on the sky would place an artillery mark at one specific point on the map
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Australians from calling in Canberra Bombing Runs
  • Fixed a light-bleeding issue with water planes

Song Be

  • Fixed an issue where the Song Be loading screen displayed data for Rung Sac

Hill 937

  • Prevented access to an exploitable spot on the hillside

Cu Chi

  • Fixed various dark patches and lighting inconsistencies on the trench meshes


  • Updates to Easy Anti Cheat, which have been ongoing throughout CTB patches


  • Fixed a memory leak on the public SDK
  • Fixed a crash with the SDK which occurred while building lighting (Lighting LOD0 instancing at instance 28 of 49 – LightMapResolution Crash)

Misc. Updates

  • Added a minimum player threshold for recording stats on servers – this has been set to eight players to prevent exploits on low population servers of the XP system
  • Added new achievements for the Bushranger Content Update – you can find them listed under Achievements on Steam
  • Added a new Australian character customization environment when customizing your character on the main menu
  • Added the ability for the character customization menu to display Australian Army characters in a separate scene
  • Added the ANZAC maps to the default map list for the game
  • Added loading screens for the Bushranger Content Update maps
  • New stats/descriptions etc for all weapons included in the Bushranger Content Update
  • Removed references to VAC from the Webadmin client
  • Removed all copyright informationt on the splash screen
  • Fixed a typo on the Webadmin login screen
  • Fixed an issue where setting semi-automatic fire mode as the default would change the function of the binoculars to issue movement orders rather than targeting artillery
  • Performed a pass on the weapon tooltips for consistency and errors
  • Various updates to the ingame credits list



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