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I run my own wholesale business in Sweden where I distribute two international brands of home care products: Lanaform® (Belgium) and Warmies® (Germany). I also run a retail webshop for the same kind of products as well as outdoor products, called Home'N'

I like a lot of stuff about life; social associations and behavior. Learning about people, cultures and history. Science and philosophy are "heart subjects" as well.

I am a very honest and conformable person. I like to fit in, and I am known to make personal sacrifices in order to make it happen. I would say that the thing I care about most in life is the truth. Lying, corruption and intellectual dishonesty are the greatest evils of the world IMHO.

I also start almost every sentence with "I" when talking about my self.


  • NAME: Pål Pernebratt
  • LOCATION: Sweden, Stockholm
  • AGE: 25
  • JOINED: Aug, 2017
  • GOOGLE+:
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