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A’llo all, I’m Lee, though most know me by my username AFRLme. I unofficially work for the Visionaire Studio: Adventure Game Engine. I provide English support, run the documentation wiki, the Twitter account, Steam group & the Discord server for them. Besides that I provide freelance game development services for people that are developing games with the game engine I mentioned (above).

Aside from that, I am a big fan of TV series. Prefer them much more than movies – for various reasons. I guess you could say I am a bit of a TV addict, who just so happens to be sitting on a backlog of 3,825 tv show episodes I’ve yet to catch up with (according to my TV tracker). I also like to play a variety of different game genres & have a bloody backlog of single player games to catch up on too. Aisus – always so many new things getting added to my backlog. 🙁


  • NAME: Lee Clarke
  • AGE: 31
  • JOINED: Aug, 2017
  • GOOGLE+:
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