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Server Slaughterhouse #1 has been updated with several custom maps! Enjoy the killing!

KF-Door Defense 2 Map



Helms deep recreated from scratch as a more accurate version to the movie – not a port of the KF1 map.

– Refined collision in parts you could get stuck (thanks for the screenshots)
– Moved spawns slightly closer and added some triggered spawns in the valley, the ones behind the wall can be triggered only after the wall is blown

– Collision/exploits patched

– Spawn volumes overhaul
– Added triggered ladders to the wall
– Dawn will come after the fifth wave

Planned to do in future updates:
– Open the kings tower as another trader room and shortcut to the stables
– Helm Hammerhand statue




Endless game mode with endless zeds. The map has melee weapons only with a chokepoint to defend if pushed back. The movie 300 is the inspiration for this mode.

I am working on the full endless mode with all weapons on this map as well. This 300mode was easy to make for me and I wanted to give everyone a preview of what is to come in the full mode with traps in the future.

– Melee only small-medium zeds spawn Endlessly.
– Melee only weapons that are picked up by bashing the weapon ingame.
– Wave Counter with each wave lasting 1 minute.
– Each new wave will unleash a new zed until they have all been released then it will be a relentless onslaught of zeds.

Map Features:
– Endless Survival against small-medium Zeds.
– You will spawn with only a knife and medic syringe
– Defendable chokepoint if pushed back
– Waves go up every minute survived

– This map is unranked at this time with the Actor Factory unranking the map.
– Errors for kismet will pop up on the screen, try to ignore them
– After you kill enough zeds it thinks there is only a few left. The zed icons for zeds on the map when not in view will show up then, I am unable to fix this at the moment.
– This is an edit of my map Cliffside for endless mode. I might update cliffiside to have this layout as well. in the future Original Cliffside Map Here


Deep within the Marianas Trench, one of Horzine’s deep sea ocean labs has unexpectedly fallen silent.
Thought to have been closed off from the greater Zed outbreak, something stirs deep below the surface, something that has managed to trip the alarm and cut off all communications topside…

———————————————–INCOMING TRANSMISSION—————————————

‘It is imperative you find out what happened to the research team. You must also make sure to secure anything salavaged from their excavation efforts, we don’t want this whole operation to be for nothing.

There’s a lot riding on this job so it is critical that you all manage to make it back alive. Don’t dissapoint us.’

—————————————————END TRANSMISSION——————————————–

So, will you be able to beat back the Zeds, or will you end up sleeping with the fishes?


– Large map size, with multiple height variations and holdout spots. Based around a hub style layout with 4 distinct wings to explore. Perfect for kiting!

– Custom meshes and textures!

– Custom in game maps dotted around the level for you to orient yourself should you get lost!

– 20 collectable fish bowls carefully placed in devious hiding spots!

– 15 Hold Your Ground objective spots for that extra little challenge!

– 6 Trader pods!

And more…


Features full dynamic lighting with random weather and time of day set at level load. Chances are 1/3 each for overcast, sunny or night to sunrise, I tried to keep the night real so it’s dark (and full of terrors) without flares scattered around, but it shouldn’t be a problem now that flashlights lasts longer, also you can turn on the car headlights to help.
The layout is of an outdoor arena map, invites to kiting but there is also a good defending spot right outside the gate that gives you three corridors to look at.

If you’re familiar with KF-Midgard this an alternate version faithful to the real location, with more custom assets, I removed the entire cliff side of the map and added a dirt road that actually exists, also now the house has only one door so it’s not a good place to defend after the first waves but every room has item spawns, so use it for scavenging, at your own risk of getting trapped.

Do not reuse parts or custom assets of this map without authorization.

Aug 16
-Game post processing effects are working
-Welded door gets attacked now

Set 16
-Fixed meshes that disappeared after the tactical response update (mostly foliage, Tripwire deleted a package they used only for concept)

Apr 17
– Added more boss spawns and made a small area for an out of sight boss spawn
– Blocked the way to the roof of the house
– Tweaked foliage, trees are looking better with the same performance
– Added visual aid on the road limits (and the boundary message still shows up)

West London

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    Server Slaughterhouse 1 has been updated with several custom maps! Enjoy the killing! KF-Door Defense 2 Map KF-ZedIslandgt KF-DeepingWall Helms deep r[Please see the full post at this link: KF2: NEW CUSTOM MAPS]

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    Oh boy am I gonna enjoy the killing 😀

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