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Hotfix 1.2.1 Is Now Live

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Hi folks!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the release of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam update 1.2 – Rearmed and Reloaded. Thanks to your feedback and bug reports we’ve been able to make the following changes to the game:

MP40 Audio Changes

  • Following community feedback we have adjusted the third person firing sounds for the MP40, reducing volume and remixing the audio for players hearing the weapon fire at range

Ho Chi Minh Trail Changes

  • Adjusted the Ho Chi Minh trail to affect players waiting in the deployment queue when the ability is triggered, rather than only affecting players who died and were added to the queue after the ability was called. This reduces the spawn timer for all players waiting to spawn on the Northern team.
  • Additionally, the Ho Chi Minh Trail now halves the Northern team’s resupply point cooldown timer from 60 seconds to 30, allowing players to rearm at resupply points more frequently.


  • Fixed an issue where ‘weapon bob’ would cause unnatural and exaggerated movement or ‘flickering’ during moments of low performance
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to pick up placeable DSHKs from resupply points due to inventory weight limits
  • Fixed an issue where placeable DSHKs would not despawn as intended if a player was killed while using it rather than manually dismounting
  • Fixed an issue where Southern Forces Pointmen would not be able to use their trap-sight ability to detect Fougasse mines
  • Fixed an issue where the placeable DSHK would appear to ‘sway’ after a player had mounted the HMG


  • Fixed an issue where gunshots would sound muffled if the player firing their weapon was partially obscured by cover
  • Fixed an issue where firing the M2 Browning using the middle mouse button in semi-automatic would be silent

Art and Animation

  • Fixed an issue where the Mosin Nagant and M40 both had incorrectly sized shell ejects
  • Fixed an issue where crouching while aiming down sights could cause the player’s weapon to appear to stutter slightly
  • Fixed an issue with the M2 Browning’s reload animation where a single bullet would appear on the empty ammo box before being replaced
  • Fixed an issue where performing a full-reload of the M2 Browning caused the player’s right hand to jerk unexpectedly during the animation


  • Fixed several areas across the map where players could mantle out of bounds or become stuck in rocks
  • Fixed an issue on Mekong where smoke grenades would not spread as intended
  • Fixed an issue where tiny fires would hurt players who moved near them
  • Added a missing light source to a lamp asset which had an emissive (glowing) texture
  • Added a lamp asset to a point light which had been added to the level with no apparent light source from


  • Fixed an issue which caused the ingame cosmetics/DLC shop to display incorrectly

As always, thank you for your continued support! We are continuing to work hard on Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, and would not be able to provide fixes like these without your feedback.

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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – [TW]Yoshiro

We’ve put up our AMAA thread for tomorrow’s event! You can find it here:

We’ll be hoping into this thread November 14th starting around 10 AM EST (-5 GMT) and answering questions through the day!

Of course anything about the game is fair, but don’t by shy! We are also happy to talk about game development in general and handle other topics as well!

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    Hi folks! We hope you’ve been enjoying the release of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam update 1.2 – Rearmed and Reloaded. Thanks to your feedback and bug repor
    [Please see the full post at this link: Hotfix 1.2.1 Is Now Live]

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