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HLL Developer Briefing #11 – The Building Interiors of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont!

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing #11! This week we’re bringing you a second dose of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont as we share with you a first look at the updated interiors that you’ll be fighting in.

If you missed the initial Sainte-Marie-du-Mont Developer Briefing, where we showcased updates we’ve been making to the map’s outdoor, rural environment, you can catch up here.

Building interiors update!
In Sainte-Marie-du-Mont you’ll fight across fields, hedgerows, farms and eventually the town itself.

The town is made up of roads, paths, residential buildings and the church, which serves as a landmark for approaching armies!

Knowing that our players will be engaging in fierce house to house combat in this area we felt it important to create authentic, interesting environments within these locations that give both the players defending or storming the buildings a fantastic gameplay experience.

Imagine taking cover behind a fallen table, isolated from your unit, as you hear the dull thuds of boots on wood as enemy troops slowly climb the stairs…

Through the keyhole
When creating the environments found within the homes of the residents of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont we were very keen to create ‘lived-in’ spaces for our players, where upon entering one these buildings they can read the room and feel as though a story is being told.

Whoever left this building did so in a hurry, even leaving behind their breakfast!

Once a family home, now abandoned and ravaged by war.

Taking the high ground
Those that venture to the upper floors of buildings may find themselves in a position to overwatch key locations, perfect for Machine Gunners and Snipers! Just make sure to check your corners for any unwanted guests first…

A strong vantage point, if you don’t mind the mess…

Floor to floor
When storming, or holding a building, players will need to keep a note of the building’s lighting. Shadows and dark rooms can hide soldiers, whilst lighting can give away your position!

The image below shows off one example of this. Soldiers looking to storm the upper floors will face a fierce battle here as they push into the gloom.

Interior decorating
Fighting in buildings will be a stark contrast to battling amongst trees and farmland, encouraging new tactics and brutal gameplay.

When designing these interiors, we wanted to give you areas that felt natural, whilst being fun to fight in. We hope the images we’ve shared with you here go some way in showing what we’ve got in store for you!

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