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[ Hell Let Loose ] PC Beta news, breakdown & Developer update! January 2019

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Will you censor Nazi imagery?
Yes – but only in territories where the law states that we must. It is our goal to make an historically accurate game. As such, we will strive to capture the camouflage schemes, equipment, uniforms and weapons of each of the Wehrmacht and SS formations.

-Gameplay Mechanics & Systems-
Will there be a character progress or ranking system?
We are doing a very, very simple rank system at the moment. It’s a three tier system designed to show players your relative experience in the game so that they know you’re probably a good source of advice. Currently the rank system is based on games won: 15 games won is a bronze star, 100 games won, a silver star and 500 games won – a gold star. It’s designed as a long running incentive – not as something to be immediately obtained. The only role so far that would be “rank locked” (and that’s after a good deal of time after release) would be the Commander.

Will there be a cosmetics or customization system for uniforms and/or weapons?
At the moment we are trying to work out exactly how cosmetics will break down. We like the idea of entire platoons appearing in the same but also recognize that individuals will want to customize themselves to a degree. For us, it will be about striking a delicate balance while maintaining authenticity and historical accuracy at the forefront.

Will there be a suppression system / mechanic and if so can you explain a bit about it?
We’re going to be implementing pretty brutal suppression tactics to the degree that’ll match or exceed RO2 and PR. We really feel they’re critical to MGs and other high ROF weapons, and suppression will be a large feature in the game. We don’t want to talk about it too much, because it’s subject to testing.

How will the in-game voice communication system work?
There will be three VOIP channels. A proximity VOIP for your team. A Platoon-based VOIP, and then a leadership VOIP between the commander and all Platoon-leaders. We also have text chat at each of those levels too, and will look at a vehicle VOIP.

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