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SCUM MISSION 9/1-2019 from 1830 GMT+1

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    i need the following teams for todays missions :

    1 : 2-3 man Squad.

    2 : 3-8 man squad

    Todays mission will be the following :

    A scout team from TEC01 will scout out an area we have lost all Visual contact With, and Our Dronedeployement has been shut down.

    the Scout team will be supported by a Squad With special forces and repairmen.

    once the Camera and Drone launchsite has been located, it needs to be repaired, this is repaired by repairmen following the TEC01 specialforces.

    for the mission to be completed the Repairmen must be in the targeted building, repairing for 15 minutes, and then the teams will exfilitrate from the area.

    Expect hostile prisoners roaming in the area.

    Sign up by writing Your ingame squadmates names.


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