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How to play a recording in RS2

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    •  Create a folder demos “D” capital in the directory ROgame
    •  Place your video files (format . demo) in the directory you just created is what you need:
    • The default path must be this one

    C:\Documents\My Games\Rising Storm 2\ROGame\Demos

    • We run the game then F3 to open the console (you can do F3 as soon as you are on the menu)
    • Enter the command demoplay yourvideo.demo
    • In our example the video is called TNT1.demo, so we enter demoplay TNT1.demo

    Some commands during playback

    • To stop the video before the end of playback: STOPVIDE
    • command simply , To accelerate the video: SLOMO 2 or SLOMO 3 to return to speed normal SLOMO 1
    • Make a slow motion, (between hook the values ​​you can put)
      DEMOPLAY slow [0,5 … 1] vosvideo.demo

    Thanks to TNT clan for pointing this out

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