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Hell Let Loose: Intertiew with a dev.

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    The interview is a wee bit long but the developer gives a fair bit of insight from his perspective of what to expect in the final game & what their plans for the game were/are. Pretty amazing that it started out as nothing more than a hobby project.

    Interview is by Gameumentary

    Also a Kickstarter campaign for the game is currently underway. I believe they smashed the base goal target the first day & have already smashed open multiple stretch goals. The game looks like it’s going to be really good. Maps will be half the size of PUBG, but the level of world detail for such a small indie studio is nothing short of breathtaking; don’t believe me? Just check out some of the videos & screenshots floating around online.

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    This looks absolutely amazing! I hope this achieves what he said about red orchestra on a huge scale 🙂

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    Its a nice game for 2018 , it has everything RS2 has to offer (including realistic death/kills, dedi servers, mods and custom maps) , but in a unreal 4 jacket

    Fingers crossed, meanwhile i can feed my hunger with RS2 very nicely

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    Looks awesome but dont think my pc Will be able to run it unfortunatly.

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    @chokie can you run any high end games currently like BF1 or PUBG or Rise of the Tomb Raider, etc? If you can run any of those ok & the Hell Let Loose devs do a decent job on optimization, then I bet you should be able to run it ok; but if you can’t run any of the games I just mentioned, then you’re probably right & will likely need t upgrade your current pc or buy/build a new one. What are your current PC specs by the way?

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