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Discord voice rules

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    Hi guys,

    I just like to point out our discord rules:


    We are lucky especialy in RS2 for having a big team and PBS is known very well in the RS2 world .

    Our server is one of the best in the world and certainly in custom maps!

    But being proud of the nice turnups on discord, we also have to follow some discord rules..

    RS2 is a dish best served with teamplay! Thats wat gives the game depth and great fun!

    And although its important to share a bit of info or comeradery , its also important to mind the usage.

    If the noise is too much , the admins and captains can mute that particular person and ofc discuss with him.

    Reasons i found:

    • Technical disturbing noises
    • People trying to be the joker with repeating aussie or vc the whole round.
    • Childish behaviour so big its annoying for other members

    Please be a awesome buddy and we can all get allong.



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    Mh, so I have to bind mute when I’m talking in prox, 🙁


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    i find using a different in game push to talk and a discord push to talk works best for me, bind the discord to mouse 5 and the ingame chat to keyboard.

    nothing as annoying as someone having open comms on both ingame and discord chat.


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    Just getting my head around  binding 2 keys at the moment.  I’ve bound MUTE for discord to a key so I can use the ingame voice.

    I’ve also got an issue on the outputs…  I’ve got Discord through a headset and the game audio (including voice) through speakers.  I need to have everything through headset as someone mentioned.  It might have been you. 😉

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