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A usefull map

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Just a usefull map</p>

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    holy shit that’s a Good map to find loot thanks!! 😀

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    do the vehicles always spawn in the same place?

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    No, they don’t. Sometimes where vehicles spawn you get multiple vehicles, sometimes only 1 & other times you can run for minutes along a road where vehicles normally spawn & find 0 vehicles & end up getting shafted by the blue circle. This map is just a representation I guess of probability of spawn locations & the percentage chance that vehicles, weapons, armor, etc will spawn in those locations…

    Unfortunately because RNG plays a huge part in this game, it means you could drop in somewhere random, find a bunch of level 3 gear, your favorite weapons & attachments & a vehicle nearby or end up inside of the first circle, whereas other times you could drop into one of the cities with a bunch of other enemies & find nothing but pistols, uzi or shotguns in x out of y buildings you loot.

    This is one of the reasons why I was a bit confused as how they could turn this game into a competitive sport as it’s RNG & a lot of the players will end up being shafted as you might have seen if you watched the PUBG Gamescom Invitationals competitions the other week on Twitch/Mixer or wherever.

    As for vehicles, the best thing to do is use free look (left alt key) to look around while parachuting/free falling down to the island to see if you can spot any vehicles. They could end up being boulders or burnt out vehicles or small buildings, it’s a bit hard to tell when you’re up in the sky, but if you have keen eyesight & a decent sized screen you might be able to spot one.

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