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Developer Briefing #19 – Next Beta Weekend Feedback!

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing #19! This week we’re taking the opportunity to share with you what we’re currently up to following the April 5th-8th closed beta weekend.

We’ll be sharing with you the process we’re following, what kind of feedback we’re seeing and what action we’re taking.

Firstly though, we’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who played, shared feedback and gave bug reports during the closed beta weekend. Not only was the weekend incredibly valuable feedback wise, we also had a great time jumping into units with those of you (un)lucky enough to be teamed up with us.

Now let’s take a little look at what happens next…

Your Feedback Matters
First and foremost, we’ve spent the days following the beta combing through our social media channels, the Steam forums, Discord and your private messages to record exactly what our players thought of the beta experience, what bugs they encountered and what they’d like to see moving forward.

Feedback data was recorded anonymously, tallied and further notes written when applicable. Even if you didn’t see us directly respond to your feedback on any of the listed channels, we’ve seen it.

We’ll be sharing more about what we’re working on following the beta, specific bug fixes and other updates/changes soon once we’ve locked them in on our side.

Until then, here’s some of the things we can mention right now:

  • Game optimisation improvements
  • Server quality & stability improvements
  • High ping & fps improvements
  • Continued audio updates
  • Officer unit management tools to be implemented
  • Wider settings options, including FOV

The above list, as well as what we haven’t listed, is all possible thanks to our beta players. This is really helping us shape Hell Let Loose ahead of its Early Access launch on June 6th.

We also hope the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) has approved our request to ground all Tanks for the following Beta.

The next Beta
Whilst we’re not in a position to share our planned dates for the next closed beta just yet, we don’t plan on keeping you away from the frontline for long.

As soon as we have a suitable and stable build locked in, we’ll be messaging the beta details to you all so that you have time to prepare, gather supplies and get ready for a weekend on the battlefield.

Footage from the front
The beta weekend saw Content Creators and War Correspondents fighting on the frontline on both Sainte-Marie-du-Mont and Hurtgen Forest. We loved seeing their gameplay experiences, epic plays and hearing their thoughts on the beta.

Below we’ve got a handful of these videos for your viewing pleasure, they’re well worth a watch!

Nano fights valiantly, showing off the intensity of both infantry and armour combat on the frontline.

YouTube™ Video: I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This – Hell Let Loose Gameplay  Views: 174,497 Fluffy rainbows unicorns and sugar canes, this video has none of that. Patreon: Discord: Twitter:…

There’s tankers, and then there’s PhlyDaily. IT’S FURY TIME BABY!

YouTube™ Video: Hell Let Loose | SHERMAN TANK CONVOY ( Hell Let Loose Tank Gameplay)  Views: 125,651 Hell Let Loose | SHERMAN TANK CONVOY ( Hell Let Loose Tank Gameplay) Hell Let Loose Steam Page – Phellers in the video!

BigfryTV shares his thoughts on the closed beta and discovers the terror of artillery bombardments.

YouTube™ Video: Hell Let Loose – Closed Beta Update!  Views: 20,755 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL Join Now! ► Twitch Sub ► OFFICIAL “BIGFRY” PARTNERS Fanatical ► ChronoGG ►…

Kamakut goes deep behind enemy lines as a Sniper racking up kills and taking trenches!

YouTube™ Video: SNIPING BEHIND ENEMY LINES – Hell Let Loose  Views: 35,536 Subscribe for MORE! ► Official Website ► Weekly Giveaway ► Discord ► Twitch…

Box of Demons shows off the trials and tribulations of a combat medic in his cinematic video!

YouTube™ Video: Hell Let Loose – Cinematic – I love you Medic.  Views: 2,777 Hell Let Loose – Cinematic – I love you – The Combat Medic #Hellletloose #betafootage #ww2 #pcwargames #cinematic Hell Let Loose – Cinematic – I love you – The Combat Medic (¬¦_¦) Please view…

There’s lots more of the above from other Creators on YouTube, so if you liked the above, be sure to check them out and show your support!

Hell Let Loose is available to Wishlist now:

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