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1.02 Full Changelog And Shake and Bake Week Announcement

New Additions

Map Conversions (BETA – but no longer an opt in)

Introducing SU-HueCity, TE-AnLaoValley and TE-SongBe! These map variants not only bring the existing maps to the other game modes they offer new gameplay experiences and new lighting/time of day. PLEASE NOTE: these maps are currently in a BETA state. This means there are known bugs that are present, but we are at a stage where we are ready to provide these maps to you in the current map rotation and receive your feedback.

Once you’ve had an opportunity to test these maps be sure to drop by and let us know your feedback.

General Changes & Updates

Hit Registration

As of this patch, we believe that all reported or known hit registration issues have been resolved. We no longer have any data that shows us that dedicated servers are ‘throwing out’ client’s shots or hits. With that said, there may still be perceived hit registration issues due to how the damage model is setup and players’ expectation of how the damage model worked in RO2. We will keep an eye on this and make further changes as we see fit.

If you believe you have found new issues with hit registration please report them to this thread:

Server-Side Hit Detection

A note to all Server Admins that are running Server-Side Hit Detection (SSHD). We at Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games advise switching back to Client-Side Hit Detection (CSHD).

Players with more than +150ms ping will have an inconsistent experience shooting enemies compared to playing on servers running the default CSHD. With SSHD, every shot made by the player will be affected by their ping and in turn will often miss their target as the Server thinks the enemy is in a different position than the shooter’s client.

We are considering adding a prompt that would educate players that your Server is running Server-Side Hit Detection and that their Ping can (and will) make a major difference in their shooting and ability to hit enemies.

We understand that some Server Admins will want to keep SSHD running on their server. However, as developers, we want to be sure we’re all bringing the best experience possible to our players.


  • Added vehicle-specific keybinds to separate movement keys when playing as infantry vs pilots
  • Made the following changes to weapon balance:
    • Vertical recoil for each weapon now has consistent min/max values making the muzzle rise from recoil more predictable and less random.
    • Reduced recoil of AK-47 weapons by 25%
    • Reduced sight misalignment when rotating
    • Changed the hip/shouldered weapon fire spread to be identical to that when aimed
    • Increased suppression of all Helicopter miniguns and the M60D
    • Reduced recoil of the RPD by 10%
    • Increased suppression caused by machine guns by 33%
    • Reduced weapon sway on the SVD and Mosin sniper rifles
    • Reduced damage output of the PPSH-41, TT-33 and MAT-49 7.62 variant
    • Increased recoil of PPSH-41 by 15%
    • Reduced ammo count of the PPSH-41’s drum from 71 to 65 rounds.
    • Increased damage of AK, RPD, SKS when victim is less than 50m away
  • Added a ‘toggle sprint’ option to the gameplay options
  • Added decals to indicate to players exactly where fire damage will occur when napalm has hit, preventing ‘Invisible Napalm’ death’s. If you continue to experience this issue, please report at the official Tripwire Interactive support forums:
  • Increased the duration of Lockdown from 3 min to 5 min.
  • Increased overall time needed to activate Lockdown if any objective has not been attacked or captured.
  • Reviewed and increased Squad Tunnel health from 100 to 200
  • Added the ability to rotate Claymores before planting. Change Fire Mode (X by default) will rotate the Claymore clockwise.
  • Added an option to change mouse sensitivity when using optics/scopes
  • Players can now double-click spawn points on the map to select a spawn and automatically ready-up for deployment
  • The M79 now reloads on the first click if you ‘dry-fire’ with ‘auto-reload’ enabled from the options


  • Increased the number of Grenadiers and RPG soldiers on Hue City by 1 for both the Territories and Supremacy version
  • Increased the number of Engineers, Scouts and Sappers on Hill 937 by 1
  • Moved objective marker C on Hue City up by 5m to prevent it from obscuring defenders


Hue City (Supremacy)

  • The U.S. will now have a better chance of being able to attack and capture the artillery position and PAVN homebase. The odds of this occurring previously were very much stacked against the U.S.
  • An additional Grenadier slot has been added for the U.S.
  • An additional Machine Gunner slot has been added for the U.S.
  • U.S. reinforcements have been reduced by 80
  • Objective capture times are now consistent with other Supremacy maps

Song Be (Territories)

  • The VC now have 2 separate spawns to start out with
  • Spawn protection for the 1st VC spawn point has been increased
  • Spawn protection for the U.S. has been slightly adjusted. This will allow the VC to have better flanking options
  • U.S. and VC reinforcements have been increased by 150
  • Objective A (Hamlet and Bunkers) have been split into two objectives. This will now allow both sides to be able to engage at the objectives
  • Character lighting has been adjusted in the map

An Lao (Territories)

  • The VC now have 2 separate spawns to start out with. This will allow for a natural spreading out at the start of a round and to be able to attack from multiple angles
  • The U.S. spawn has been moved back some, for the first objective. This evens things out for the VC
  • The second objective was very difficult for the VC to capture and hold. A 2nd default spawn has been added to help the VC spread out more
  • VC reinforcements have been increased by 50
  • A 3rd RPG slot (role) has been added for the VC
  • An visual anomaly has been fixed in the skybox


  • Added a ‘ping’ filter to the server browser filters
  • The state of the tactical view (T) now persist through a player’s death. This means, if you die while the tactical view is on-screen, when you respawn, the tactical view will now remain active
  • Added an icon to indicate when the player’s gun’s muzzle is blocked by cover when aiming over cover
  • The ‘artillery incoming’ icon will now always be displayed on the HUD for the duration of the ‘call in’. This change will help players who do not use the tactical view to be aware where friendly artillery and napalm is being directed
  • Per community request, the mouse cursor is now ‘on’ by default when the map is toggled. This included when playing as a commander
  • Added an option in ‘Player View and HUD’ settings to have the compass always on-screen. This will occur even when the tactical view is closed
  • You may now mute individual players or entire teams via the scoreboard. To access this, simply left click while the scoreboard is open to enable your cursor to mute players. Individual players can also be muted from the scoreboard.
  • Added an option for the user to increase the FOV in which teammate icons are visible. This option can be found in the ‘Player View and Hud’ settings
  • HUD Icon Opacity can now be set to 0% in HUD options. There are separate options for direct aim and iron-sights.
  • Adjusted the following UI windows to match the style of other UI windows:
    • ‘leave this server’
    • ‘select players to mute’
    • ‘role voting’
    • ‘‘player voting’
  • When respawning, the spawn menu now ‘remembers’ the previously selected spawn rather than needing to be re-selected at each deployment
  • Pressing the ‘Enter’ key on the spawn menu will now set the player to a ‘Ready Up’ state
  • The ‘Quick Refresh’ button on the server browser now updates server details
  • Increased the size of the ‘change camera’ text on the spectator camera
  • Keybind prompt when using the Command Widget is now centered and easier to notice.
  • Changed the color of ‘Orders’ text from grey to gold to increase readability of incoming orders and requests
  • Typed messages to your squad and team now display the words ‘Say to SQUAD’ and ‘Say to TEAM’ in their corresponding squad and team colors


  • Improved the sound of the minigun on the Loach
  • Added a cooldown to prevent announcer spam when points are being contested
  • The ambush/force deployment audio now only broadcasts to the commander and players who spawn as a result of the ability
  • Improved the attenuation of the Spooky’s impact sound effects so that they can be heard from further away. The sound effects will also fade out more realistically
  • Tweaked the ‘headshot’ kill sound so that it’s quieter when the downed enemy is further away
  • Tweaked the volume of footstep sounds to make them more audible


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the #1 crash reported by bugsplat, where sometimes spawning as a Machine Gunner would cause the game to crash
  • Fixed an issue where players would crash on server travel
  • Additional misc. crash issues have been fixed


  • Fixed an issue where players would have their screen briefly fade to black after re-deploying
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would be stuck on a black screen when spawning in, requiring a player death to fix
  • Fixed an issue where re-entering a helicopter would play a temporary fade to black overlay
  • Fixed a hitch that occurred around player death
  • Explosives now destroy tripwire traps
  • Fixed an issue where tiebreakers would use points rather than number of objectives captured in territory mode
  • Fixed an issue where auto-balanced players placed in empty squads would not automatically become Squad Leader
  • Fixed a bug where players could become de-synced from their location and appear ‘invisible’ to other players
  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to fire their weapon while sprinting
  • Fixed an issue where switching to a pistol would briefly delay the player’s ability to fire the pistol
  • Fixed an issue where VC tunnel placement would go through the full animation when players were digging a tunnel too close to another, only to have it fail after the full eight seconds
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be unable to disembark from landed Hueys
  • Players can no longer throw grenades from ladders and in the process, equip their primary weapon
  • Fixed an issue where the Loach would be moved by small arms fire and could be flipped by the DSHK
  • Fixed an issue where player movement would be disabled after deploying a machine gun
  • Fixed an issue where going in and out of iron sights while using the ‘hold to ironsights’ aiming mode would cause the weapon to glitch if players had a high ping
  • Fixed an issue where MGs would fire a tracer every 1-2 rounds rather than every 5. Tracers now fire every fifth round
  • Fixed an issue where players could take damage from the Spooky gunship before the effects appeared to have started
  • Fixed an issue where entering the loach as a pilot, if the loach’s current pilot is in the co-pilot’s seat, would kick the original pilot into limbo
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to leave iron-sights when aiming down the sights of the DSHK
  • Fixed an inconsistency where if players were aiming down sights with a Machine Gun and switched to pistol it would not automatically be in iron-sights as with other weapons
  • M79 smoke grenades now collide with players and damage players
  • Fixed an issue where chatting in global chat revealed your location via grid-reference in the console
  • Fixed an issue where a squad member spawning on a prone squad leader briefly spawned under the map before floating up next to the SL
  • Fixed an issue where players could change firing modes with binoculars
  • Fixed an exploit where players could keep their ammo without ever running out, using the SKS by reloading the gun when down to two cartridges
  • Fixed an issue where reloading an empty M37 with low reserves would result in the player receiving additional ammunition
  • Fixed an issue where defenders’ artillery markers would be ‘cleaned up’ after objectives were captured, but abilities could still be called on those markers and not actually trigger, wasting the ability
  • Interrupting the ammo change on the M79 no longer switches the ammo count to your alternative ammunition
  • Fixed an issue where binoculars could break after crouching and meleeing resulting in them not bringing up the binocular view
  • Fixed an issue where aiming down sights would cancel when moving and clicking RMB when in ‘Hold to use iron-sights’ mode
  • Capped the maximum number of drum magazines players can hold with the PPSH to 2
  • The M60D – Huey Door Gun – no longer continues to fire while the player is changing view when using the weapon


Hill 937

  • Fixed an issue on Hill 937 where flying too close to the canopy of the jungle could result in a ‘return to the combat zone’ timer and near-instant death
  • Fixed various areas on Hill 937 with the terrain which allowed players to prone and see ‘beneath’ the map


  • The tunnels on Hill 937 will no longer launch players into the sky on death
  • Fixed an issue on Hill 937 where there would be no artillery protection at objective E for the NVA after the US had captured objectives A and B
  • Fixed an exploit on Hill 937 which allowed players to hover a cobra at the resupply point and fire missiles into objective C, while being resupplied
  • Fixed an issue on Hill 937 where collision on terrain in certain spots could stop bullets hitting what looked like viable targets
  • Fixed a hole on the terrain on Hill 937

Song Be

  • Fixed an issue where there would be white lines or streaks in the skybox of Song Be
  • Fixed an issue on Song Be where an oversized Tree Canopy volume extended into an open area, damaging helicopters flying through apparently open sky
  • Removed a camera prop light from the tunnels under Song Be and replaced with candles

An Lao

  • Fixed ‘light bleeding’ on various rock clusters on An Lao Valley
  • Fixed a lighting issue on An Lao Valley where players would appear to be blanketed in shadow in well-lit areas
  • Lowered sandbags/cover on An Lao Valley at objective C to prevent players from accidentally shooting cover rather than over it
  • Fixed a draw-distance issue with a crater north of Objective C on An Lao Valley


  • Fixed an issue where players could not fire through a window on Compound

Hue City

  • Fixed an issue where the player would be launched into the sky when attempting to climb the ladder inside objective B on Hue City
  • Fixed an issue on Hue City where the U.S. could see and use radios on objectives A, B and C before capturing their corresponding objectives
  • Removed a collision volume that was blocking player movement through a doorway on Hue City
  • Fixed an exploit on Hue City which allowed players to place artillery near the U.S. spawn area
  • Fixed an issue where going prone on the grass beds around the gazebo on Hue City would cause players to sink into the ground
  • Fixed a blocking volume allowing players to appear to be walking on air in the attic of objective E on Hue City
  • Removed an invisible wall near the U.S. spawn area on Hue City
  • Added collision to a slab of concrete near objective C on Hue City that players previously fell through into the gutter below
  • Prevented players from being able to mantle over a car on Hue City which allowed them to get out of the intended play area
  • Added collision to broken wooden truss in the attic of objective E on Hue City

Cu Chi

  • Fixed an issue where a wall on Cu Chi would not cast dynamic shadows

Shooting Range

  • Added missing ‘weapon pickups’ to the shooting range tutorial map. All weapons should now be available for training!

All Maps

  • Fixed various instances of objects being culled out at inappropriate distances, allowing for various gameplay exploits or shooting walls which appeared not to be there. Thank you to the community for reporting these!
  • Fixed several locations across various maps where players could become stuck and needed to respawn to become free
  • Fixed various snags and player hitches across all maps
  • Fixed various floating and clipping assets across all maps


  • Fixed an issue where sniper scopes would display a static image rather than rendering what you are supposed to be seeing
  • Fixed various lighting anomalies and ‘dark patches’ on meshes across all maps
  • Fixed various holes and open faces on meshes across all maps
  • Fixed an issue where players using binoculars would appear to be holding nothing in their hands if they became visible after equipping their binoculars
  • Fixed an issue where players with a pick mattock would appear to be holding nothing if they equipped the mattock before they became visible to the viewer
  • Fixed an animation hitch when trying to go into ironsights if the player repeatedly clicked the right mouse button
  • Fixed various Northern-Only climbable vine ladders not displaying the glowing material to players on the Northern team
  • Mirrored the Pinup Girl tattoo so that the text displayed correctly. Thank you to reddit user, Eleperzo, for reporting this!
  • Fixed a texture anomaly on the windows of the beetle vehicle showing the beetle’s texture map rather than glass – thank you to Reddit user Vlad_Dynamite for reporting this!
  • Fixed an issue where character customization selections would not be displayed to other players
  • Fixed an issue where the Spooky would appear not to spawn/would be invisible to players
  • Fixed an issue with collision on the gutter assets used in urban maps which allowed players to crawl through walls and see outside the map
  • Fixed an issue where using the DSHK could cause all guns’ recoil to appear over exaggerated
  • Fixed an issue where tunnels would appear over-bright on Song Be
  • Fixed all instances of ‘gore stretching’ on dead bodies
  • Fixed various trees having no collision On Compound
  • Added collision to the support beams on the command hut in objective A on Song Be
  • Added collision to a piece of corrugated metal cover on Cu Chi

User Interface

  • Dramatically improved the function of the scroll bar on the side of the server browser
  • Fixed an issue where clicking outside any of the buttons on the spawn-select menu would reset the spawn selection to ‘Auto-Select’
  • Fixed an issue where ‘show only my kills’ on the kill feed would continue to show the killfeed as normal
  • The stats page now correctly shows the weapon with which the player has the most kills as ‘top weapon’
  • Fixed an issue where passengers leaving the Huey with a ‘Safe to Exit’ icon on-screen could still take fall damage
  • Fixed an issue where auto-balanced players would be able to see their former Squad Leaders icon in tactical view
  • Fixed an issue where the tunnel destruction icon could get stuck on screen
  • Fixed an issue where text would become difficult to read after changing killfeed options
  • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard was not localized on non-English clients
  • Fixed an issue where the command widgets were not localized on non-English clients
  • Fixed an issue where zooming the overhead map defaulted to the center of the map rather than the player’s location
  • Fixed various hints displaying the incorrect key bind for their respective actions
  • Fixed an issue where the options menus would not be translated when playing on non-English language clients
  • Fixed an issue where the skirmish victory screen would get stuck on the first-person player camera when the round switched and the player was inside character customization
  • Fixed an issue where the last claymore detonated would not clear from the tactical view HUD
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Team Full’ messages would not appear on servers with the welcome screen disabled
  • Chat text on the vote screen no longer overflows out of the chat box. The text now wraps to the next line as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong key would be displayed to dismantle traps, dismantle tunnels, place traps or to cycle the spectator camera
  • Fixed various objective outlines and misplaced icons when using the overhead map when playing small-scale territories maps
  • Fixed an issue where team member icons would appear at map origin before players’ first spawn
  • Fixed an issue where third person ammo request icons would persist through round restarts
  • Fixed an issue where ‘switch camera modes’ would appear to be unbound while viewing matches as a spectator


  • Fixed an issue where players would not see or hear anything related to the Spooky gunship. This led to players not hearing engine sounds, firing sounds, impact sounds, impact effects, or tracer FX
  • Fixed an issue where players would be shot in the head and not hear the ‘headshot sound effect’
  • Fixed an issue where some sound effects would stop playing on larger filled servers
  • Fixed an issue where players who joined servers while the Spooky was active would not see impact PFX for the minigun fire
  • Fixed an issue where players would only hear the Spooky’s engine sound when the ability was called, rather than the engine and intermittent gunfire/impact sounds
  • Fixed an issue where bullet whizzes and cracks would sometimes not play
  • Fixed an issue where the M37 would play the pump action sound during weapon draw and holster
  • Fixed an issue where many sounds (other players weapons) would play the first part of the sound from the wrong location in the world, upon becoming relevant

Optimization Passes

  • Made various improvements to performance on Song Be
  • Fixed client log spam when issuing an attack order to a Squad Leader as Commander
  • Fixed both server and client log spam when crashing helicopters
  • Fixed a minor log spam caused when emptying the M16
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons’ shell ejects would output warnings to the Client Log
  • Fixed a performance drop when using buckshot with the M37
  • Fixed small log spam caused by performing a full reload with the M3 Grease Gun
  • Fixed a log spam issue related to aerial recon

Easy Anti Cheat

  • Easy Anti Cheat has been updated to include protection from the latest known ‘cheats’
  • Various updates applied to improve end user crashing and unexpected disconnects

Miscellaneous Fixes and Updates

  • Added a link on the main menu to the Vietnam Trello roadmap. This will be an ongoing effort to keep the community aware of current and future planned content
  • Fixed an exploit where players could avoid a vote kick by switching teams
  • Solved various ‘hitches’ caused by logspam related to building team lists, vehicle weapon fire effects, when vehicle weapons stopped firing and setting map lists
  • The AdminLogout command no longer causes the admin logging out to suicide
  • Fixed an issue where very long server welcome screen text would break the game
  • Fixed an issue where Russian clients would need to download several UI files in order to connect
  • Vote kicks now default to restricting voting to your own team. This can be changed in the server options, by the server admin
  • Added a pop-up window on game start to alert players who do not have a DX11 compatible graphics card
  • Improved tunnel destruction vs weapon pickup prioritization to prevent players from accidentally picking up dead enemies’ weapons rather than destroying spawn tunnels
  • Fixed an issue where Helicopters flying into gravity volumes on custom maps would have their rotors immediately break
  • Disabled the ‘Custom Mode’ prompt when joining a custom server
  • Normalized the volume of the startup logo videos
  • Players using the DSHK no longer have a vehicle VOIP channel
  • Fixed various screen formatting issues when playing in Russian localization
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons would be missing from the killfeed when playing in Russian
  • Fixed other various localization issues
  • Fixed an issue where binding ‘shift to center collective’ on helicopters would also zoom the camera
  • Fixed an inconsistency between the use of ‘hints’ and ‘tips’ in the options menu

Web Admin

  • Added the ability for admins to reset squad names back to their defaults
  • Fixed role-kick functionality
  • Admins now supersede members for reserved slots
  • Fixed a formatting issue where reserved slots over 25 members goes over multiple pages
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Use map List’ setting would not save
  • Removed an unlabeled column on the ‘Current Game’ page

Steam Workshop and SDK

  • Added .INT and .INI support to the workshop upload tool
  • Added tag support to the steam workshop
  • Added the ‘SDKExtras’ folder to the SDK shipping build, for future art assets for community mappers!
  • Fixed an issue where capturing an objective in ‘Play In Editor’ would cause a fatal SDK crash
  • Fixed an issue where lighting could not be built with lightmass when using the public SDK
  • Fixed various static meshes which caused lighting to fail in the public SDK
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain tool brush would not appear on occasion until editor restart on the public SDK
  • Fixed an issue where there would be no audio in ‘Play In Editor’ mode on the public SDK
  • Made it easier for the modding community to add custom character customization content


  • Added Localization support for new/modified UI elements

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